The Board of Directors of Otimo Energy Sdn Bhd acknowledges the importance of corporate governance and thus is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance through transparency and effective disclosure within the Company. As a good corporate citizens, we adopt ethical best practices, both in the way we behave and in how we interact with the outside world. It is to demonstrate our company’s direction and credibility.

Good governance requires an enterprise to have proper processes and systems to ensure that it is managed efficiently and effectively. All the efforts that are undertaken as part of corporate governance are aimed at enhancing the accountability of company management.

To deliver on the above the Company has a Corporate Governance Framework and Risk Management Process.


Sustainability at Otimo Energy means making responsible business decisions that create value while protecting the environment and contributing to the good of society. With a clear focus on environmental, social, and governance activities, we commit to:

  • Working together to face the climate change challenge
  • Taking ownership in creating a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future through improved solutions
  • Acting responsibly to the benefit of our employees, customers, and society